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Why We Sick

Because our cells weak.

How Negative Ions Help

Negative ions help stabilise our cells.

Why We Sick

Because our cells weak.

How Negative Ions Help

Why Do We Fall Sick?


Modern Medicine

More people start to believe that modern medicine “can improve clinical conditions, but cannot cure disease”. Mdiern meicine can sometimes give us the impression that the disease is fully.

Have said that, we should thank the avancement in modern medical science that is constantly improving to treat our disease directly. However, whilce these scientists are focusing on treating diseases, latest researches have suggested that we should be looking into the treatment of the roots of disease.

What are “roots of disease”?

Most people are born healthy and stay healthy for years. We have the natural power to protect against disese, or the healing power in us. That explains some people do not fall ill easiy, or even if they do, they will recover from the disease rather quieckly. This poere is referred to by some as “himan body’s defencse power”. “roots of disease” is a state where this power weakens.




How We Live

Our body is formed by CELLS.

We live because of metabolisem. We have energy.

We get energy from nutrients in the cells.

We need oxygen to acquire energy.

In the energy production process, acid sustances such as CO2 are genrated. These are harmful stuff.

When thses subtances increase in the cells, they damage or even kill our cells.




Electron-Reducing Treatment

A remedy that mechanically supplies electron to the boday

increase electron content of human blood

reduce concentration of hyhrogent ions

enhance metabolism of cells

enhance immunity


enhance hody’s defense power


of taking antioxidant supplemnts other thaf food

Visit places where a lot of negative air ions are generated