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Masks are often worn for different reasons, but the most common application is in the medical field. In this field, it becomes imperative to put preventive measures against the spread of disease. The first type of mask is known as a face mask. The design of such a mask is loose fitting, but which must cover both the nose and the mouth. The face mask also features ear loops so that the mask is firmly attached and does not come off. The face mask helps prevent the spread of germs, particularly those that are airborne such as when someone sneezes or coughs. The mask also protects the wearer’s nose and mouth from body fluids that may occasionally splash in such a setup.

What is the difference between a face mask and a mouth mask?

While a face mask covers most of the phase, and therefore protects the nose and mouth, the mouth mask is solely designed to cover only the mouth. The latter is common especially in hospitals when handling patients with communicable diseases. The mask reduces the risk of spreading the disease to the hospital staff. In addition to this, a mouth mask may also be used in an industrial setup to prevent the inhalation of powdery substances which may then lead to respiratory diseases. One should discard both the face mask and the mouth mask after use. The masks should never be reused as this will only cause the likelihood of disease spread.

Eye masks: why are they important?

Just from the name, it is obvious that these masks are used to cover the eyes, and have been shown to be an indispensable tool in overcoming sleep-related disorders. They are not only simple, they are also very effective. Some people keep going round in circle, trying to find a solution to the lack of sleep, yet something so simple could hold the answer for such a problem. The sole purpose of eye masks is to prevent the eyes from seeing light so that one gets inducted into total darkness.

Also known as a sleeping mask, the eye mask is made from soft fabric to which an elastic strap is attached to hold it in place. Once the wearer cannot see any light, the brain starts producing melatonin, a hormone which has been closely associated with sleep patterns. This then makes it easy for one to fall asleep. Eye masks are important tools for people who sleep regularly during the day. Examples of people in this profession include doctors, long distance drivers as well as other night shift employees. Investing in the right mask is definitely very rewarding s one should do a background check before buying any of the masks.